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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moose Knuckle Cake

Yes ...its what you are thinking !! A good friend of mine ordered this for her bf who wears a uniform for work...well it gives him a less than flattering appearance to the 'crotchal' region...yup, a good old moose since his co-workers enjoy calling him this, it was only fitting that he got a moose knuckle cake for his bday.

Can't say I'd ever made one before (who has really), but I gave it my best shot....and just a warning...don't google 'moose knuckle' from a work computer ...cause there are very few pics of real moose knuckles...just sayin'!

Anyway..cake is chocolate fudge with swiss meringue buttercream filling.
'Accessories' are molded out of fondant.

Happy Birthday Jason!

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