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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gatorade G2 Cake

For my dad's birthday I just had to do something with his favourite workout beverage, Gatorade G2.
He has a fridge in the basement, almost dedicated to this, and always leaves himself one outside for when he returns from his run, to guzzle immediately! And if you are visiting him, and you would also like to enjoy a G2, you can only do so, if you have worked out that day, or joined him on a run (he's quite the exercise nut!)

So here is his very own G2 inspired cake; chocolate with imbc filling & raspberry preserves. The cupcakes are choc gluten free with cream cheese icing (for my mother to enjoy).

Happy Birthday PJ!

Ps. What a good looking family, huh? ;)

Tiffany's Cupcake

Here is a pic of one of my besties (and boxfit partner) Steph! She had been wishing for a Tiffany's Birthday cake, but it never appeared on her when I had a chance to take her out to dins for her bday, I had to whip something up! Here is her own personal Tiffany's birthday cupcake- rich vanilla cake, filled with imbc and topped with fondant and gumpaste hydrangeas...Happy Birthday Steph!

Laura & Chris's Wedding Cupcakes

A neighbor of mine, as well as a friend from school (like as far back as elementary school) got married on September 4th, and I was honoured to make the cupcakes for her big day!

The cupcakes were classic chocolate & vanilla with choc & vanilla IMBC, and fondant blossoms & leaves.

Congratulations Chris & Laura!

Gluten Free Golf Bag

Here is a golf bag birthday cake, made for a good friend of mine's dad! The cake is chocolate gluten free cake, with italian meringue buttercream filling.

Pink Peony Cake

Here is a display cake I put together for the Taste of the TriCities
Its actually fake (made with styrofoam drums), but of course still covered in fondant, and an oversized shimmery pink gumpaste peony (so, so in love with peonies, and can't wait until mine bloom again in the back yard!)

I had made a few more white and pink peonies to go on this, but I like the simplicity of just having one on there.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Come Visit Me at the Vancouver Bakers Market- 2 Dates this Season!

Jennifer Stafford Events will be participating in the Vancouver Baker's Market Fall/Winter Season!
Come visit my table on Saturday, October 30th and Saturday, December 4th!

For hours & location visit them on the web:

This year I will have lots of 'snack -on-the-spot' treats as well as goodies you can take home and serve to your guests!
I am also accepting pre-orders if there is something you just have to have!

Hope to see you all there!

Sounders FC Cake

Here is a cake for an excellent client of mine- she wanted a special cake for her cousin, who is a huge Sounders FC fan (in Seattle).

While I took a few shots of my own, there is nothing better than fan photos, of my cake in action! Here is a great shot sent in by Emelin, of her cousin & super cute pooch!
Happy Birthday Jennyl!

Taste of the TriCities

Tuesday, September 21st, I participated in the Taste of the TriCities ( held at the Red Robinson Theatre in Coquitlam.
It was an amazing night full of food, food and more food!
I was fortunate to have my sister Megan help me out, along with Andrea Gurniak Photography to snap some great pics!
While normally I just go crazy with my beloved pink Canon Elf, it was time to bring in the big guns, to take some higher quality pics!

My pink peony cake

Chocolate Cake Pops (which disappeared first!)

Choc Dipped Cherry Pie Pops

A shot of the table

S'mores Inspired Marshmallow Pops

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

My baby sister and I rockin' it!

Something New!!

Hello, and thank you for visiting Jennifer Stafford Events blogroll "life's sweet"! A place for all of the sweet things in life, edible or otherwise! 
Some of you may know me better as Roxiecakes Creations, which I have been working as for over a year now, and it has been such a why the change you ask?
Well not only do I have a passion for custom desserts, and home baking, but I have a passion for event planning and design.
My work experience has always included 'planning' on some level- whether it is for weddings, banquets, meetings, travel itineraries, or simply a family event, the planning is usually left to me.
I can't help but get wrapped up in the details, because that is what makes a 'special event' truly special! 

Please check back as I get this website off the ground, and take on a wider range of event projects! And please feel free to leave your comments, and feedback- it is always appreciated

Sweet regards,