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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hellllloooo Kitty

I so love all things HK, she is just so darn cute! She is timeless for me, and so a comic sort of way, I mean, who doesn't love HK?!
Even while visiting Venice, there was a store entirely dedicated to HK...they also had amazing air conditioning, so my husband was quite happy to peruse the shelves in there with me...okay I perused, he stood underneath the a/c vent (it was an easy 30 degrees C)!

Anyway, here is an HK cake for a great client of mine Emelin.
Emelin wanted a special cake for her young cousin Mia.

This Hello Kitty is made of chocolate marble cake and cream cheese icing...and of course topped with an oversized, glittery peony...I'm really into giant floral corsages right why shouldn't H.K get one too?

Happy Birthday Mia!

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